Seez - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. Posting Cars

  2. Posting cars is free and only requires that you have created an account and is logged in

    1. How to post a car for sale?

      • From the Dashboard Smiley face , click on My profile.
      • This takes you to the profile page, where you have the option to Add a car.
      • Select your cars Make, Model, Year, Trim, Engine, and Mileage
      • Add images of the car by pressing Add Photos
      • Add up to six good images of the car, you can either upload images from your gallary or use the camera to take new photos
      • Once you have added the images you want press DONE or SAVE
      • Enter your Emirate, Asking price, and License plate (if valid)
      • You can add all additional relevant information in More Details
      • Once all information i filled Press SAVE.
  3. Managing your cars

    1. How to edit car?

      • From the Dashboard go to My profile
      • In My Profile select the car you want to edit, if you have several cars you can swipe between your cars
      • Click on Edit car
      • Make the necessary changes.
      • Press SAVE
    2. How to delete cars?

      • From the Dashboard go to My profile
      • In My Profile select the car you want to Delete, if you have several cars you can swipe between your cars
      • Click on Edit car
      • Press DELETE
      • a conversation box will open and ask if you are you want to delete the car. Press YES
    3. How to reply to bids?

      • On any screen in the top right corner click the Hamburger menu
      • From the Hamburger menu click on My bids to get an overview sent and recieved bids and messages
      • In the top you can switch between BIDS SEND and BIDS RECIEVED
      • Click on any car to start chatting with the user
      • Once in the message screen click on the bottom part of the screen and type your message and press SEND
  4. Searching for cars

    1. How to SEEZ a Car

    2. One of the unique features of Seez is our car image recognition. This allows you to take a picture of the rear end of a car and we will than tell you what car it is

      • From the Dashboard go to Seez cars
      • Focus on any car’s rear-end and fill it in the frame.
      • Click on the blue Seez button to take a photo and start the recognition
      • Once the car is identified you will get the car Make, Model, Years range it's been manufactured and the average market price in UAE
      • If you wish to look for similar cars for sale nearby click on Similar cars around me
      • You can now browse all similar cars for sale nearby
    3. How to Search for cars

      • From the Dashboard go to Search car
      • Select the filters relevant for your search and press Search , Only the car Make is required to preform a search
      • You can now browse all cars matching your filters for sale nearby.
    4. How to Browse cars

      • You can browse cars by either Seezing a car on the street, or do a Car Search
      • From there you can Swipe Left or Right, to see more cars for sale from different dealers and private sellers.
      • You can also swipe Up to See technical specifications and Price, or Down to contact the seller
      • PLEASE NOTE, the cars matching your search filter will be shown first, thereafter the rest of the cars matching your Make, Model*, Trip* will show up
    5. How to place a bid

      • Once you find a car you like swipe down to contact the seller and press Send offer .
      • This will take you to the bid Screen where you can type the bid (in AED) you wish to make on the numberpad.
      • Once you have placed a bid you will get taken back to browse car screen.
      • From contact seller you can also start a Chat with the seller without sending a bid, however this will take you straight to the Message screen
      • You can see all the bids you have sent and recieved under My bids in the Hambruger menu
  5. Posting rules

    • All Ads must be uploaded with image(s).
    • All Ads must be free of watermark images.
    • All products must be located in UAE.
    • All items and products considered to be illegal are prohibited.
    • Content of the ads must be clear and not offensive.
    • All items must be posted separately except for sets e.g shoe and bag set, dining set, etc.
    • Description of an ad must be clear and concise.
    • Ads must not include links to third party websites.
    • Duplicate adverts are prohibited.
    • Ads seeking items to buy are not allowed.
    • Ads seeking friendship, relationship or donations are not allowed.
    • Ads for services, jobs and real estate are not allowed.
  6. Items not allowed in SEEZ

    • Please note that the following items are prohibited on SEEZ
    • Firearms and ammunition - Weapons that require a permit or legal authorization are not permitted
    • Illegal/Pirated copies - Copies, duplicates or "backup copies" of software or audiovisual items, including memory cards or other storage devices. e.g DVDs, CDs and books
    • Drugs, narcotics, tobacco and other smoking related products
    • Free to air decoders
    • Fireworks and derivatives
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • All forms of medications
    • Pyramid schemes / multi-level marketing
    • Selling animals without a license in the UAE is a criminal offense.
    • Affiliate Programs / rewards or commissions and / or business partnerships
    • Offers on how to make money / profitable time / work from home
    • Human organs
    • Ads from minors
    • Replicas and counterfeits
    • Money Transactions - Ads or services offering the exchange (either online or otherwise) of any legal tender.
    • Tarot Services Horoscopes and / or Voodoo (Black magic)
    • Natural products that claim to cure diseases.
    • Digital goods e.g. EBooks and vouchers in electronic form
    • Coupons, vouchers and credit cards
    • Equipment for games of chance e.g. Lottery & Slot machines
    • Explicit or adult content or services
    • Ads seeking for donations or help.
    • “Selfies” and images that have no relation to the posted item or service
    • Images downloaded from the internet (stock images) are not allowed.